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Aula Europe is a consultancy specializing in public affairs and political communications. We are located in the heart of EU decision-making.

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In the thick of day-to-day business operations, political decision-making can feel like a distant and an impenetrable fortress. However, actively representing your interests has substantial benefits – even when it comes to the bottom line. But how to start? That’s where Aula Europe can help. We know who to talk to, when to approach them and how to make sure your message is heard. 

Aula Europe is a consultancy specializing in public affairs and political communications.  We are located in the heart of EU decision-making. Our experienced teams in Brussels and Helsinki advise clients on a range of regulatory issues, combining expert EU-knowledge with fresh ideas and a solution-focused approach. 

At Aula we have an exceptional understanding of the inner workings of the European regulatory system. 

Through extensive hands-on experience, we have developed unique networks of contacts and in-depth knowledge of the political processes. We utilize this expertise and our unrivalled personal contacts for the benefit of our clients; to achieve outcomes that have a tangible impact on their business performance.

Aula is known for delivering real results. Our strong growth is testament of our ability to deliver winning strategies. Our clients include leading European companies and organizations. 


The public affairs needs of every company are unique. Is your goal to gain a deeper understanding of the decision-making machinery? To tackle an EU-related problem? Or maybe you’re looking to stay ahead of your competitors by actively representing your interests?  Whatever your needs, Aula will help you achieve a successful result.

We offer companies and organizations public affairs and communication services, as well as consultation and training related to decision-making in the EU. Our services are bespoke; tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. We are expert in particularly energy, climate, environment, competitiveness and EU internal market issues.

Examples of our services:

Problem: You don’t have the time or the know-how to follow EU-level regulation, even though it has a direct or indirect effect on your company’s competitiveness.

Solution: Tailored policy issue research and monitoring. We report on relevant EU policy developments and help you react to them in a timely and efficient manner.

Problem: You want to influence change in a EU legislative proposal, which directly impacts your products, clients or business environment.

Solution: Direct interest representation in Brussels. We ensure that decision-makers hear your concerns and take them into account in the policymaking process.

Problem: Policymakers are unfamiliar with your company, but now would be an opportune moment to provide policymakers with insights regarding upcoming legislation.

Solution: Mapping contact networks and possible partners, as well as establishing connections in Brussels and in other EU countries. We will plan and help you to implement a carefully targeted communication strategy.

Problem: Key individuals in your organization require sector-specific EU training.

Solution: Tailored training or lectures on EU public affairs, how decision-making is carried out and on upcoming developments in that specific field.

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Our Story

With a combined experience of 40 years in the heart of EU decision-making, Aula’s founders are the most experienced and respected Finnish lobbyists in Brussels. 

Aula’s story begins in 1995. Finland’s membership in the European Union brought two young Finnish men to Brussels. Despite the bureaucracy, the constant rain and the sea of grey suits, the young men became interested in public affairs and interest representation in the EU. Thus Sami Tulonen and Henri Satuli came to be in the core of European policymaking. 

Over the years, Sami became one of the leading lobbyists in the energy sector in Europe, whilst Henri gained a highly respected position in the hub of Finnish business at the Brussels office of the Confederation of Finnish industries.

Together they saw and experienced the development of Finnish lobbying within the EU, and above all its strengths and weaknesses. Over 90 percent of regulation that affects Finnish companies was and continues to be made and adopted in Brussels. And something was clearly missing: a Finnish company, in the heart of Europe that truly understood the everyday needs of businesses.

To fill this gap Aula Europe, the first Finnish consultancy specializing in EU public affairs in Brussels, was created. The name Aula, which translates to ‘lobby’, was a natural choice, as it is the place where people have met with decision-makers since the 17th century. At the end of the day, that’s what successful interest representation is still about – meeting the right people, in the right way, in the right place, at the right time.

Driven by exponential growth, Aula’s team, services and offices have expanded. Soon after its founding in Brussels, Aula opened their Helsinki office, and today Aula is made up of a multidisciplinary team of experts, who are united by their strong understanding of the EU. Aula currently works with several leading European businesses to develop strategies to attain their goals in Brussels, Helsinki and, through a global network of contacts, worldwide.  


Our team consists of public affairs professionals familiar with the EU-decision-making bodies. In addition to English and Finnish, we have experts fluent in French, German and Swedish. Our diverse contact networks provide us with a global scope. 

Sami Tulonen

+32 475 984 723

Sami is undoubtedly one of the leading EU lobbyists in the energy sector. For nearly a decade he managed institutional affairs at FORATOM, the European nuclear energy organization in Brussels. Sami has institutional experience having worked at the European Parliament for 4 years. He has a degree in political science from the University of Turku, and in addition has studied European law in Strasbourg, France.

Henri Satuli

+32 475 694 026

For a decade Henri was at the heart of the Finnish business lobby in Brussels, coordinating the EU activities of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. Prior to becoming a lobbyist Henri acquired institutional experience working in the European Parliament. Henri has been active and networking in Brussels since 1996. His academic background is in international relations and he holds university degrees from Belgium and the UK.

Nita Tennilä

+32 483 127 671

Nita has a deep understanding of EU Affairs. In particular, she is expert in the Union’s institutional questions and political and administrative culture(s). Moreover, she has built a strong knowledge and understanding of the EU’s transport, energy and environment policies over the past years. Nita holds a Master’s degree in Administrative Sciences from the University of Lapland and has also studied German and Political Science at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. Prior to joining the Aula team in 2012, Nita gathered valuable international working experience through an internship at the Embassy of Finland in Prague and as a Coordinator at the North Finland EU Office in Brussels.

Sanna Jokila

+358 40 825 1287

Sanna is specialized in communications, and has multidisciplinary experience having worked as a journalist in print and broadcast media. Prior to joining Aula, Sanna gained international experience with the United Nations Regional Information Centre in Brussels and with the Embassy of Finland in Australia. She has studied journalism and international relations at the University of Tampere and the University of Kent.

Iida Kuusrainen

+32 492 223 974

Iida has specialized in EU energy policy in her EU and energy law studies in Finland. She has also studied international law in Vienna. In addition, she has valuable practical experience from the competition and energy team at the Permanent Representation of Finland to the European Union in Brussels. Prior to Aula, Iida was working in Strasbourg as a legal advisor for the EU Delegation to the Council of Europe.

Jon Coniam

+44 77 3617 1966

Jon has worked in the nuclear industry for more than 40 years of which about half has been as a Brussels based lobbyist. He has represented British Energy in Europe and ESI-Energy Consultants internationally. Jon has also provided significant support for several MEPs and the European Commission in Bulgaria, Russia, France, Belgium and elsewhere. He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer and specialises in the development of clean energy options.

Pilvi-Elina Kupias

+358 50 5639 619

Pilvi-Elina has an in-depth knowledge of national and EU politics. She has worked five years in the Finnish Parliament as an EU adviser for a parliamentary group and a parliamentary assistant. Her professional background also includes working for an industry lobby in Brussels, at the European Commission and in communications. Pilvi-Elina has graduated with a Master’s degree in European politics and administration from the Maastricht University. 

Niklas Backlund

+32 493 403 476

Niklas is a political scientist well immersed in the export sector of Finnish industry as well as EU-party politics. He has worked with the Finnish Ministry of Defence focusing on materiel policy and international cooperation. In addition, Niklas has prior work experience in EU-policy and Brexit from Westminster. During his university years, he has been active in shaping educational policy in various organizations. He has a B.Sc. in Political Science, Public Economy and Public Law from the University of Helsinki.

Ilkka Sippel

Our Offices

Our offices are located in central Brussels and Helsinki.


Aula Europe SPRL
Rue Charles Martel 63
B-1000 Brussels, Belgium


Aula Europe Finland Oy
Annankatu 25
00100 Helsinki